What is laser hair removal?
Laser epilation is the process of damaging the hair follicles by sending light energy at a certain wavelength.

Laser epilation gives results after how many sessions?
Laser epilation is one of the most frequently applied cosmetic medical procedures. Alexandrite laser (755 nm), Diode laser (808-810 nm), and neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG; 1064 nm) laser are widely used and effective devices for hair reduction. Laser epilation devices work on the principle of selective photothermolysis. Laser epilation is the process of damaging the hair follicles by sending light energy at a certain wavelength.

Optimal wavelength, energy and pulse duration should be selected to achieve the best clinical outcome with the least adverse effects. For this reason, all these parameters must be chosen correctly for each patient, each session and for each different body region. In experienced hands, the results of laser epilation treatment are satisfactory.

Do hairs disappear with laser hair removal?
If the bristles are black and thick, yes the bristles will disappear. All laser systems act on the substance called melanin in the hairs. The thicker and blacker the hairs are, the more melanin they contain, the more effective the laser will be. Since the hairs are thick and black in areas such as the armpits, bikini line and lower legs, the laser gives very good results in these areas, and the hairs do not come out again.

How much does laser hair removal cost?
Laser hair removal prices are determined according to the size of the area to be made. Because the back is a larger area, it needs much more laser shots. The most important issue that determines the price is the laser system used. The prices of Alkesandrite laser devices are high, and their lamps are expensive, that is, their consumable costs are high, so they are more expensive. For this reason, laser hair removal sessions with alexandrite laser may be higher. In addition, since you will get results in fewer sessions with aleksandirte laser, the total price you pay will be less.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
Yes, laser hair removal process creates a pain like a rubber bump. In fact, pain indicates that the procedure is effective, if you do not feel pain at all, the laser turns out to be not very effective. It is the heat in the hair follicles that creates the pain. If the laser heats the hair follicles enough, it burns the hair follicles so that the hair does not grow again, which creates pain. If laser epilation does not hurt, it means that it does not burn the hairs enough.

Is a razor necessary in a laser epilation session?
No, a razor is not required. It is necessary to shorten the hairs before the laser treatment, but a razor is not necessary. It can be used with scissors, depilatory cream or any machine that will shorten the hairs. What is required is the shortening of the hairs on the skin surface, no matter how they are shortened. The point to be considered is that the hairs are not taken from the root. In the network, rooting operations such as string tweezers are not performed. Because there will be hair follicles so that the laser can affect the hair follicles.

Should hair be cut before laser?
Yes, the hairs must be cut before the laser epilation session. Because we are trying to burn hair follicles with laser, not the hair on the skin. There should be no hair on the skin surface, only the hair root, so that all laser energy is collected at the root. Also, if the hair on the skin surface remains, when the laser pulse is fired, it burns and sticks to the skin surface and becomes a stain.

Does laser hair removal increase hairs?
Yes, laser hair removal can increase hair in areas such as the face, upper arm, and nape. The rate of laser hair growth is low, but it is there. It is more likely to increase, especially with real non-laser devices such as IPL.

How many sessions of laser hair removal are performed in the bikini area?
In the bikini area, laser hair removal works well because in the bikini area, laser hair removal works well because the hair is hard and black. An average of 6-8 sessions will be sufficient for the bikini area.

How to laser the bikini area?
The most suitable device for the bikini area is the alexandrite laser. Because the aleksandrite laser shoots without touching the skin. Devices such as diode laser and IPL that make full contact with the bikini area are not suitable for hygiene reasons. Before lasering the bikini area, the hairs must be shortened. The most suitable shortening method for a bikini is to soften it with foam in the bath the night before and then shorten it. If the skin is moist, the laser epilation session will be more successful.

Which is the most effective laser hair removal device?
The most effective laser epilation device is the alexandrite laser. Because the alexandrite laser produces light at a wavelength of 755 nm. This wavelength is the wavelength best retained by melanin. In other words, it is the device that has the best effect on the hairs. In laser hair removal, the gold standard is the alexandrite laser.

Ice laser or Alexandrite laser better?
Aleksandrite laser is definitely more effective in bikini, lower leg and underarm areas, people with white skin and black hair. Because the alexandrite laser produces energy at a more effective wavelength to the hair follicles. The ice laser produces light with a wavelength of 808 – 810 nm. This energy is held by melanin less than alexandrite laser. For this reason, the effect rate in laser epilation is less than alexandrite laser. Since it is less effective on melanin and does laser epilation without causing burns in dark-skinned people, diode laser, or ice laser, can be preferred for dark-skinned people. Also, where the skin is thick, such as the neck of a man, ice laser is better.

Which is the best device for male laser hair removal?
In men, if the skin color is white and the hair is black, the first choice should be the alexandrite laser. However, diode laser, namely ice laser and nd yag laser, is more suitable in areas where the skin is thick and hair follicles are deep, such as the nape and back. For this reason, using different laser systems alternately instead of one laser system, especially in difficult areas such as the neck, will increase the effectiveness. To get the best results from laser hair removal for men, it is best to start with the alexandrite laser and then apply an ice laser to it.

When do hairs fall out in laser epilation?
If laser epilation is done with alexandrite laser, the hairs fall out immediately. After the laser session, it looks like waxed. Then some of the hairs will grow back after 3-4 weeks and show that it is time for the session again.

What are the prices of laser hair removal in 2024?
There has been an increase in laser hair removal prices in 2024. Because unfortunately all laser devices are imported from abroad. Due to the increase in foreign exchange, device prices have increased. Another important factor is the purchase of device consumables in dollars, so laser hair removal prices increase in 2024 due to the increase in operating costs.

What are the prices of laser hair removal in Ankara?
The thing that determines the prices of Ankara Laser hair removal is the device used. We recommend the Alexandrite laser for epilation. We aim to finish the armpit area in 6-8 sessions.

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