Especially in the face and legs, some veins may be more superficial and prominent. Enlarged capillaries appear as lines and nets. These capillaries, which become prominent in the face area, cause a red face appearance. The appearance of capillaries in this way can be cosmetically disturbing to people. The destruction of capillaries reduces redness and makes your skin look more beautiful.

Capillary vein  treatment with laser  is one of the best methods. The most commonly used Long pulsed Nd-Yag (1064 nm) laser. The Nd-Yag laser targets and heats the substance called oxyhemoglobin, which makes up the blood. The heated oxyhemoglobin heats the wall of the vessel, causing the vessel wall to stick together, thus rendering it invisible. The vein affected by the laser is then destroyed by the body's cleansing cells.

Treatment of cracked capillaries with laser; session is done. The number of sessions varies according to the thickness and depth of the vein. Spider angioma (spider web vessel cracking) passes in 1-2 sessions, while the capillaries on the side of the nose may require 4-5 sessions.

Capillary treatment prices on the face are determined according to the width of the vein area.