Fat Injection

What is fat injection?
It is a rejuvenation treatment with your own oil. Adipose tissue is a tissue rich in stem cells and naturally creates volume. For this reason, adipose tissue taken from areas where there is more fat such as the belly and legs can be placed in the areas needed on the face and neck. Thus, while adipose tissue is used as a filler, fat-derived stem cells rejuvenate our skin.

It is very advantageous to use oil as a filler. Because the fat is taken autologously (from your own body), its durability and biocompatibility is high and therefore it is the ideal filler.

Human adipose tissue (adipose tissue) has the potential to become the gold standard for use in any soft tissue correction. Fat injection, also known as fat grafting, has many desirable properties as an ideal soft tissue filler that other materials such as silicone, collagen or hyaluronic acid do not have; The fat (adipose) is relatively abundant, readily available, and biocompatible with its ability to integrate into the recipient tissue.

The most important feature of fat injection is that there are stem cells in the adipose tissue. These stem cells, also called the stromal vascular fraction of lipoaspirate (SVF), can differentiate into other cells as needed. Therefore, it is used in every field of medicine. The oil-derived stem cells given to the skin renew the skin, rejuvenate it, reduce fine wrinkles, equalize the difference in tone, and you will have a younger, healthier skin.

How do stem cells originating from adipose tissue regenerate the skin?
For decades, adipose tissue has been considered a source of energy. However, studies have shown that adipose tissue has the potential to proliferate and regenerate. Approximately 50% of the cells in the adipose tissue are composed of fibroblasts, endothelial cells og fat-derived stem cells. These cells are multipotent stem cells with both proliferation and differentiation potential. It has been shown in various clinical studies that stem cells transform into vascular, nerve and bone cells. Adipose tissue-derived stem cells were first described in 2001. These stem cells have since been used in many areas of medicine because these stem cells, called mesenchymal stem cells, have the capacity to transform into other cells. Together with the adipose tissue, we give the subcutaneous fat-derived stem cell. These stem cells transform into the cells that make up the structure of our skin, restoring the skin that has deteriorated with aging. It increases collagen and reduces the effects of aging.

Is the adipose tissue visible from the outside?
Since the adipose tissue is your own tissue, it looks very natural and is not visible from the outside. As we get older, the fat on our face decreases and hangs down with gravity, to fill these empty spaces on our face, to get a hollow and a hollow face upwards. Fat injection is an art, this art allows you to have a natural and youthful appearance.

Is the ideelle treatment from vil du finde?
Fat tissue is an ideal filling material. It integrates naturally with tissues, is autologous and is 100% biocompatible. There are enough of them, it is easy to apply. It is not obvious from the outside, because it is your own texture, it integrates with your face and looks very natural.

How is Fat Injection Performed?
In order to make an oil injection, it is necessary to take the oil first. The belly area is most commonly used to remove fat. Fat can be removed from the belly, inner thigh, and hip area. The area where the fat will be removed is first anesthetized with a needle, since it is anesthetized, you will not feel much pain during the procedure. Fat is removed with thin cannulas. The degreasing process takes about half an hour. After the oil is removed, it is distinguished from the serum. It is made injectable into the face. The prepared oil is given under the skin with special cannulas. The process of giving the oil also takes about half an hour. You can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure.

Is Fat Injection Permanent?
Yes, the remaining adipose tissue is permanent. After the fat injection, approximately half of the filler is absorbed by the body. The remaining half, namely your own fat tissue, is permanent and remains for life.

Is Fat Injection Harmful?
Fat injection has absolutely no harm to your body because your own fat tissue is used. If the cannulas come into the vein while taking fat or injecting fat, there will be a slight bruise, and if it is størrel, there is no harm. Apart from that, fat injection should be done in a sterile way, otherwise there may be an infection. It is a safe application when done sterile.

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