What is facial fat injection?
With aging, changes occur in every tissue on the face. Bone tissue decreases, muscle tissue tension decreases, adipose tissue is shifted downwards, collagen and elastin decrease in skin tissue. As a result, the face hangs down and the protrusion of the zygomatic region is reduced. Cavities occur in the temples, tear trough, nasolabial region, and corners of the mouth.

The skin becomes thinner, wrinkles occur, becomes stained, loses moisture and elasticity. We call this aging. It is possible to delay and reverse aging. Facial rejuvenation requires extensive treatment. It is necessary to repair the skin damage, increase the decreased collagen, and replace the volume loss of all tissues on the face, including fat and bone.

Facial rejuvenation approaches require dynamic change. The aim is to lift the face and it is necessary to pull all the tissues that move downwards with gravity upwards.

In the essence of rejuvenating the face with oil injection; With the filling capacity of the adipose tissue, it is to replace the reduced volume in the upper part of the face, to renew the cells, to reverse the effects of aging, thanks to the stem cells obtained from the fat.

Autologous fat is used for facial fat injection. In other words, the fat to be placed on the face is taken from the body of the same person.

Reparative treatments with one's own fat tissue have been around for many years. It was first described by Neuber in 1893 to remove a patient's arm fat to correct facial scar contour defects.

What are the advantages of facial fat injection?
Since adipose tissue is taken from your own body, it is biocompatible. The body does not react to its own tissue, does not cause allergies. It is natural. Fat tissue integrates with other tissues on the face and provides a natural appearance. The placed adipose tissue is a living tissue. It is permanent.

What is adipose tissue derived stem cell?
Stem cells are cells that have the ability to self-renew and have the potential to differentiate into other cells when necessary. Adult mesenchymal stem cells can be isolated from bone marrow and adipose tissue. Stem cells are used in every field of medicine. It is especially used for cartilage regeneration (into the knee joint) and muscle diseases. It is frequently used in facial rejuvenation, especially in recent years. Its effects on the skin are very successful.

In other words, when the oil-derived stem cell is given to the skin, it has the capacity to transform into the cells that the skin needs. In this way, it can transform into cells called fibroblasts, which decrease with age, produce collagen, and renew the skin by replacing skin cells. Stem cells originating from adipose tissue can restore one's youth, beauty and even function.

Recent research shows that it is possible to rejuvenate senescent cells. It has been the cornerstone for future facial rejuvenation techniques.

How is fat injection done to the face?
Fat injection to the face is a minimally invasive method. In other words, thanks to the kits used, the process is made faster and easier.

The fat tissue to be taken is anesthetized with local anesthesia in the belly, hip or leg. Fat is removed with special fat collection cannulas and negative pressure. Since the amount of fat taken is very small, it does not cause a volume reduction or collapse in the area taken. Again, since the amount of fat taken is small, it cannot be used for regional examination.

The fat tissue taken is separated from blood and fibrins and made injectable.

All these procedures should be done with disposable, sterile materials. Before getting fat, the person is evaluated by a specialist doctor. Since fat transfer is a medical procedure, it should be done by a specialist doctor. The prepared adipose tissue is placed in the required areas on the face with special cannulas.

Autologous oils are considered by many to be the ideal filler for facial rejuvenation because they are 100% biocompatible, give a soft and natural result, and theoretically a permanent intervention.

Autologous fat injection for facial rejuvenation adds volume to the face and revitalizes the skin by improving tone and texture at the same time.