What is Face Filling?

Facial filling is an aesthetic application to rejuvenate and shape the face without the need for surgical intervention.

Facial filler fills the gaps, adds volume to the face and lips, corrects asymmetries, shapes the face by reducing sagging, and reduces wrinkles. By stimulating the synthesis of collagen, it gives fullness and shine to the skin.

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are mostly used all over the world and in Turkey. In addition, there are also fillers containing substances such as calcium hydroxyapatite and polycaprolactone.

In the natural aging process, the collagen of the skin decreases and together with the loss of volume on our face, cavities occur in the under-eyes and temples. The volume decreases in the cheekbone area and our face hangs down. All these signs of aging are reversible with fillers. The reduced volume in the temple area, under custody and cheekbones is replaced with a filler. This effect of the filler pulls the face up and reduces the sagging of the skin. Especially with the filling made in the fold spaces called nasolabial and marionette, which are caused by the loss of volume around the mouth, the face is provided with a younger and fuller appearance. Fillers are biostimulant, meaning they renew the skin and stimulate collagen production. In this way, fine wrinkles are reduced, and the skin is made to look fuller and younger.

What are the Advantages of Filling?

When the filler is compared according to the effect it creates on the skin; It is a very comfortable procedure, the procedure time is short, and the effect is immediate.

Thanks to their fluidity, facial fillers easily settle under the skin and adapt to mimic movements, so they look very natural. It is not obvious from the outside.

Filling prices are more suitable when compared to other procedures.

Is Filling Painful?

Before filling, the area to be treated is anesthetized by applying anesthetic cream, and very thin needles are used in the procedure. For this reason, it is a very comfortable and easy procedure, although it is a needle-injected procedure.

How Long Does the Filling Remain?

The permanence time of the filler varies according to the product used. Soft fillings applied to the lip area maintain their permanence for approximately 1-1.5 years, while products applied to the cheek area remain for 1.5-2 years because they are harder. Of course, it is important in the brand in terms of permanence. These times are only provided with FDA-approved and proven reliable brand fillers. In repetitive applications, the retention time will be longer.

Is Filling Safe?

The fillers used in our clinic are FDA approved. The box and barcode of the used filling are given to you after the process. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the product used by the physician.

What are the Filling Areas?

  • Forehead Area
  • Temple Area
  • Elmacik Region
  • Nasolabial Line
  • Marionette Lines
  • Detention Area
  • Lip filler
  • Chin Area
  • Things to Consider After Filling

Due to the water-retaining effect of hyaluronic acid after the injection of the facial filler, edema may occur on the face for 2-3 days. Don't worry, it will go away on its own in a few days. If it takes longer, you can consult your doctor.

After the application of the facial filler, the application area should not be touched with water for 2 hours, and make-up should not be applied.

The filling is done with a needle. Injection-related bruises may occur. If bruising occurs, it will go away on its own. If you want, you can cover the bruises with make-up.

After the filling application, do not be in very hot environments such as baths, saunas, and do not do heavy sports. The filling is affected by heat and exposure to too much heat shortens the permanence times.

Should I Prefer Permanent or Temporary Filling?

You should definitely choose temporary filling. Because permanent fillings are not compatible with the body, they cause more side effects and when there is a problem, it is very difficult to treat because they do not dissolve. When it is necessary to remove permanent fillings, they must be opened and cleaned with surgery. Temporary fillers are compatible with the body, form integrity with the tissues, adapt to mimic movements and look very natural. It can be easily melted when desired. It is FDA approved. Therefore, temporary fillings should be preferred.

Lip filler

One of the areas where the filler is used most frequently is the lips. Lip augmentation gives volume to the lips. Lips are shaped by defining lip borders. At the same time, the lines on the lip, called cigarette lines, are reduced by filling application. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid must be used in lip filling, other fillings are not used for lips. Since hyaluronic acid retains water, it moisturizes the lips and looks more beautiful.

Lip augmentation is applied very often for two reasons. First, it is applied to fill your lips in harmony with your face, to clarify their shape or to correct asymmetry with filler.

Secondly, there is a loss of volume in the lips, especially with age, the lips become thinner and the lines increase. The filler reverses these signs of aging. It makes your lips look voluminous and youthful as before.

it works. Lip augmentation also improves the quality of the skin. Lines are reduced, your lips look moist and shiny.

Lip augmentation prices vary according to the product used. The lip is a different area and different fillings cannot be used as in other areas. Fillings containing only hyaluronic acid should be applied to the lip. Fillers containing hydroxyapatite and polycaprolactone cannot be applied to the lip area. In this regard, it is necessary to be very careful and complications occur with incorrect filling.

Under Eye Light Filling

The collapse and darkness under the eyes is a complaint that appears in many young and old people. The most common cause of this collapse and darkness under the eyes in young people is genetic, and in older ages, the connective tissue under the eyes decreases with age. Causes such as insomnia, fatigue, and watching too many screens increase these complaints. The best way to fill these gaps in detention is detention filler.

We can fill the gaps in detention with detention filler. The smoother and lighter the under-eye area, the more youthful and vigorous your appearance will be. For this reason, it is a process that makes those who have detention fillers very happy.

Since the skin under custody is very thin, very soft fillers specially produced for detention should be applied to this area. Fillers containing only hyaluronic acid should be used in the under-eye area. Other fillings are not applied under the eyes. If the wrong filling is applied, the skin under custody is thin, so it will be obvious from the outside and edema will occur under the eyes. Attention should be paid to this important issue.

Cheek filling

It is a highly preferred application to obtain a more impressive and aesthetic appearance. Anesthetic cream is applied before the application. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used for this process. With the cheek filler, the dimples that occur over time in the cheekbone area are removed and an attractive appearance is obtained.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water after filling. After the procedure, effects such as redness and bruising may occur, these are temporary effects. Extremely hot environments should be avoided and sports should not be done on the day of the procedure.

How many cc will be used in cheek filling is determined after the preliminary examination. How long the cheek filler remains in the body is related to the filler used and the number of times this procedure is applied to the patient. Permanence of cheek filler is approximately 12-18 months.

It shows its effect as soon as the filling process is done. Approximately two weeks after the procedure, the filling material is fully spread and a natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained.

Cheek filler prices are determined depending on the amount of product used.