The light color of the skin around the eyes gives people a younger and more vigorous expression. Problems around the eyes; there may be darkness, bruises, collapses and wrinkles. First of all, you need to be examined by a specialist doctor to make sure that the cause of the problem is not due to a disease. For example, under-eye puffiness may be a symptom of kidney disease, darkening may be a symptom of allergic diseases. If there is a disease, of course, it must be treated first.

After your eye area complaints are examined by the doctor, the following treatments can be applied.

Peeling around the eyes; It is used to remove the darkness around the eyes (both on the upper and lower eyelids). Hyperpigmentation (skin darkening) is mostly caused by genetic reasons. This darkness can be reduced with special peelings for the eyes. Session is a process done by session. An average of 3-4 sessions is recommended. There is no damage to the skin after the procedure. There is only redness, it goes away in 15-20 minutes.

Fractional laser; It is used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and correct color differences. After the laser is applied, crusting occurs in the area for a week, then the upper part of the skin is peeled off, the new skin coming from below will be more vibrant and healthier.

Thulium laser; One of the lasers that can be applied safely for the eye area is the thulium laser. It gives shine and vitality without harming your skin. In Thulium laser treatment, the number of sessions is determined according to the result of the procedure. After the procedure, there is a slight redness for 1-2 hours and tiny crusts for a week. But this does not negatively affect your daily life. After the crusts are poured, a healthier, lively and brighter skin is obtained.