Changes that occur as a result of aging are seen in the hand as well as in the face. There has been an increasing interest in hand rejuvenation in recent years, because hands are the most visible parts of the body after the face and neck. Potential changes as a result of aging; age spots, soft tissue reduction and loss of volume resulting in wrinkles, thin translucent skin, and greater visibility of prominent veins, tendons and bones.

Treatment options to improve the appearance of the aging hand include chemical peels, laser therapy, sclerotherapy, dermal fillers and autologous fat transfer. Autologous fat transfer (AFT), also known as lipofilling or fat grafting, is a frequently used treatment.

Fat injection (fat filling) both corrects the reduced volume, provides fullness and rejuvenates the skin thanks to the stem cells in it. In the treatment of hand rejuvenation, oil injection is the ideal treatment. Because it is biocompatible and durable. In the last decade, many reports on fat injection for hand rejuvenation have been published and the results are very successful.