Nd-Yag Laser is one of the three laser systems used in laser hair removal. These are alexandrite laser, diode laser and nd yag laser. Laser is not the most used laser for hair removal. Because nd yag laser does not give as good results as alexandrite laser in removing hair, but it is a laser system that can be used safely especially in very dark skinned and tanned people.

Who is ND YAG LASER applied to?

Nd yag laser is the safest option for people with dark skin tones or tan. Because it produces light at a wavelength of 1064 nm, and this wavelength is less likely to burn the skin than lasers of other wavelengths.

How does ND YAG LASER work?

The nd yag laser used for hair removal acts as follows; It is a substance called melanin that gives the hairs black color. Nd-Yag Laser acts by heating melanin, ie black color, as in other laser systems. For this reason, as in all laser systems, Nd-Yag Laser is more effective on black and thick hairs with a lot of melanin. It is more difficult to get results on thin and light hair. White hairs are not affected at all.

How many sessions is ND YAG LASER done?

The number of sessions required for laser epilation varies according to skin color, hair color and body area. In fair-skinned people, black hairs respond well to laser epilation. In particular, easy areas such as the lower legs and under the arms are sufficient for an average of 6 sessions. But brunette people, thin hair, especially the face area requires a lot of sessions, even the number of sessions required can be 25-30.

In Nd Yag Laser epilation, procedures like other devices are performed in one session. It is recommended that the session intervals be 4 weeks in the face area and 6 weeks in the body area.

The reason why laser epilation is done session by session; Hairs go through periods of rest, growth and shedding, this is a normal physiological condition. Only the hairs in the growth period are affected by the laser during the procedure. The hairs in the resting and shedding period are not affected by the laser. This is the reason why laser hair removal is done session by session.

Does ND YAG LASER hurt?

Nd yag laser gives some pain like other laser systems used in epilation. The pain felt indicates that the hair is actually affected. Laser systems heat the hair root, it is necessary to give a lot of heat to the hair root so that the hair does not grow again. This sensation of heat can cause pain in the form of a rubber bump in people.