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A spotless, glowing skin tone is essential for a youthful and healthy appearance, and we all want it. But the difference in tone and spots on our skin overshadow our beauty. Why do we get brown spots on our skin? The cause of brown spots on our hands on our face is melanin. Melanin is the substance that gives our skin its color. If melanin accumulates excessively in some areas due to reasons such as sun, genetic predisposition, pregnancy, it causes skin spots.

Which is the most effective method of stain treatment?

The best method in spot treatment is combined treatments. In other words, using different treatments together gives better results. Because for the best spot treatment, it is necessary to reduce the melanin in the skin without damaging the skin, which is a difficult process. The most appropriate treatments that can be done with the current technology for effective stain treatment; Thulium Laser, Q switch Nd yag Laser, Gold Needle Treatment, Stain Lightening Mesotherapy, drug treatments and of course indispensable sunscreens.

Slogans such as the definitive solution to brown spots on the face or the best spot removal cream are not true. The most appropriate treatment for you should be determined according to the cause of the formation of the stain, its depth and how many years it has been.

Absolute thulium laser should be used in order to get the best results in spot treatment. Because Thulium laser acts directly on the stain. In order for the spots not to recur with the Thulium laser, it is necessary to increase the resistance of the skin to the sun. For this, Q-switch laser and gold needle sessions should be added to the treatment. As the years pass over the spots, the spots deepen and their treatment becomes more difficult. Spot mesotherapy should be added to laser treatments for deep spots. Gold needle treatment gives better results in the treatment of acne spots. As you can see, there is no single treatment, there is the most suitable treatment for you. Stain is a serious health problem and its treatment must be determined by a dermatologist for you. Adding drugs according to the condition of the spots supports the treatment.

What are the prices of laser spot treatment?

Laser spot treatment prices are determined by the number of sessions. Spot treatment in one session is only valid for superficial stains such as age spots on the hand. One session of Q-switch laser is sufficient for age spots on the hand. Therefore, the treatment prices of these spots are low. In addition, for deeper difficult spots such as melasma, at least 4 sessions of thulium laser should be performed.

How long does spot treatment take?

Spot treatment is a session-based procedure. Therefore, a minimum of 3 months of treatment is needed. This treatment process should come in autumn and winter months when the sun's effect is less.

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