There may be scar tissue due to acne, incision and surgery scars, burns or injuries on the face and body. People are aesthetically disturbed by the appearance of ice scars. Especially in people who have intense acne during adolescence, intense acne scars in adulthood make people very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there is no treatment that will completely destroy these scars, we cannot completely eliminate the scars with the treatments we apply, but we can significantly reduce them.

Fat injection is a method that has been used in scar treatment for a while and we have had good results. It eliminates volume deficiencies, improves skin quality and improves scar appearance. Studies show that adipose tissue-derived stem cells in adipose tissue increase skin quality. These studies have significantly increased the use of fat injection for scar treatment and skin rejuvenation. Clinical studies have used it to remove superficial wrinkles, treat under-eye bruises and improve skin quality in scar treatment.

It is prepared as a fat injection treatment, Nanofat graft, used in scar treatment. The forehead fat tissue is filtered and filtered. Thus, it is brought to a liquid form rich in stem cells that can be injected. It is injected into the scar tissue with very fine needles.

These stem cells have the capacity to develop into cells that are needed. In this way, it activates the wound healing mechanisms and regenerates the degraded collagen. Stem cells originating from adipose tissue renew the skin, improve skin quality, reduce surface irregularities and color unevenness, and improve general appearance. Clinical studies show that the maximum effect is seen in 1-3 months.

The biggest advantage of using fat-derived stem cell therapy in scar treatment is that it is easy to apply, you can return to your daily life immediately. It can be combined with all laser and gold needle treatments. With fat injection, we can both reduce skin irregularity and fill the gap in the form of fat filling in case of tissue loss due to trauma. Two very important issues are that the results are permanent and that the fat injection does not cause any harm as it is your own tissue.