How are acne scars formed?

Deep-seated acne can leave scars while healing, especially tearing acne and sunbathing increase the formation of scars. Acne scars can be in the form of brown spots, red spots, small pits sunken from the skin. Pit shaped acne scars are unfortunately permanent.

How is acne scar treatment done?

Which treatment will be applied depends on the acne scar. In the same person, there may be different traces in the form of spots and pits. The best scar treatment is determined individually, and the most suitable treatment for you should be determined after the dermatologist examines your skin. Laser treatments give good results in suitable patients, and lasers should be added to the treatment in both spots and pits.

How to get rid of acne spots on the face?

In the treatment of stain-shaped scars; Thulium laser, Q swihct laser, chemical peeling, mesotherapy and spot lightening cream treatments are applied.

We use needle radiofrequency devices and lumeca brand IPL system for red spots, especially systems used in vascular treatment.

How to get rid of pitted acne scars

Laser treatments are the most commonly used in the treatment of pit-shaped acne scars. In order to reduce the appearance of pits, we try to increase the collagen in the skin; We apply fractional CO2 laser, gold needle (needle radio frequency device), youth vaccine (hyaluronic acid) treatments.

When pits are very deep, it is a good practice to fill the pit with backfill.

Again, in deep pits, releasing the part of the pit that holds the bottom of the pit to the lower tissue with a needle (subcision) contributes to the treatment, allowing the filling to spread better and fill the pit better.

Pit-shaped scars are difficult to treat, require multiple sessions, and in order to get the best results, it is necessary to use different treatments together, not a single treatment.

How long does acne scar treatment take?

Acne scar treatment is done in one session. There is some improvement in each session. Superficial scars, only spots in the form of spots, can disappear more easily and completely. But pit-shaped scars are unfortunately more difficult, require more sessions and use different treatments together. Deep pit-shaped scars do not completely pass, but the pits are reduced and become more compatible with the skin. The treatment of pit-shaped scars takes months.