What is Ice Laser (ice cap diode laser) Epilation?

Ice laser is actually Diode laser. The German company Alma laser produced and patented a new technology with very good cooling in 2014, which heats the hair better with serial shots rather than single shots. He called it Buz Başlıklı Diot Lazer. While promoting this device because it has a very good cooling system, Ice advertised it as a laser. Buz Başlıklı Diot Lazer was the first to find this technology. But later on, many companies produced and marketed Diode lasers that cooled the head.

What is Ice Laser Advantage?

Ice Laser, namely Buz Başlıklı Diot Lazer technology, cools the head in contact with the patient up to -3 degrees. It prevents the skin from heating up during the laser process. Thus, it is a safer and less painful procedure.
Another feature of this technology is that it does not shoot one by one, but intermittently shoot. It fires 10 shots per second. The patent of this system called ironing technology belongs to the same company.

Ironing Laser What is it?

The Ice Laser beam aims to heat the hair root. Classical Diode lasers, on the other hand, give enough energy to destroy the hair with each shot, aiming to heat the hair root and destroy it, and because it gives high energy, more pain is felt. If we give the energy to the same area more than once in divided doses, we will both heat and destroy the hair and not hurt it. The ironing laser shoots 10 pulses per second in small doses and passes through the same place multiple times like irons. Each time, it gradually heats and destroys the hair. In this way, less pain is felt. Ice Laser technology was found with the addition of powerful contact coolers to the ironing lasers.

Is Ice Laser Really Painless?

Ice Laser is less painful than other Diode lasers. But that doesn't mean it's completely painless. If the laser epilation process is performed under suitable conditions and the energy is given to permanently destroy the hair, some pain will definitely be felt. If the hair root is not heated enough, it does not disappear, it grows again. It is necessary to heat it sufficiently to affect the hair root in such a way that it does not come out again. This heat creates some pain, that is, the pain indicates that the hair is affected. If it doesn't hurt at all while laser epilation is being done, it's probably not enough energy. Therefore, sessions with low energy may not be very effective. Of course, the feeling of pain differs from person to person. Some people feel a lot, while others are not bothered. This is due to the difference in pain threshold. Ice Laser is more convenient and comfortable than other Diode lasers. But if you are still worried about pain, anesthetic cream can be used before the procedure.

Whole Body Laser Epilation

Ice Laser should be a must in whole body laser epilation. Because Diode Laser is both fast, and using it together with Aleksandrite Laser in areas with fine hair such as arms and face increases the effectiveness.

Male Laser Epilation

Ice Laser should be a must in male laser hair removal process. Because the skin thickness is more in men and the hair roots are deeper. Therefore, Ice Laser is a good option, especially in areas such as the neck and back. The wavelength of the ice laser (as it is a Diode Laser) is 810 nm. It is a technology that can reach the thickest skin and deep hair roots.

Ice Laser Hair Removal Prices

Ice laser hair removal prices are calculated according to the size of the area to be treated and hair density, as in other laser systems. As the area to be processed grows, the price increases and the total cost varies according to how many sessions the transaction will take. When you come to our clinic, our doctor will give you detailed information about which device is the most suitable for you and the number of sessions required.