What is Alexandrite Laser?

The gold standard in laser hair removal is the Alexandrite Laser. Because Alexandrite Laser produces light at 755nm wavelength, 755nm wavelength is the most effective wavelength for hairs. In other words, the most effective device for hair is the Alexandrite Laser. For this reason, the Alexandrite laser is considered the best laser epilation device. Alexsandrite Laser is very effective especially on thick and black hairs, very good results are obtained on black and thick hairs.

Is Alexandrite Laser Used on the Facial Area?

Alexandrite laser can be used on the face area. If the hairs are thick and black, the alexandrite laser alone is sufficient. But it is difficult to get results with laser on thin hairs, aleksandrite laser alone is not enough. The use of ice laser together with alksandrite laser increases the effectiveness in people with thin and light hair. Aleksandrite laser and ice laser can both be applied in the same session, or one session of alexandrite laser can be applied as one session of ice laser. In this way, better results can be obtained on difficult, thin hairs. However, it is a fact that the face area, fine hair is a resistant area no matter what we do, it is necessary to take long sessions.

Does Alexandrite Laser Increase Hair?

All laser systems (Alexandrite laser, ice laser, nd yag laser) can increase hairs. In the literature, it is stated that the probability of laser epilation to increase hairs is 3%. In other words, laser hair removal can increase hairs in three out of a hundred people. The hair growth effect of the laser is available in all lasers, including the alexandrite laser. If the hairs increase, the treatment is to continue laser epilation. Because hair growth is actually the body's defense mechanism. Continuing laser epilation breaks the body's resistance in one place and the hairs begin to decrease, but this may require many sessions. In laser epilation, the most important factor causing hair growth is low-dose laser application. What does not destroy in laser epilation, strengthens the mechanism. A small dose that will not destroy hair causes hair growth. Therefore, it is very important to use the appropriate dose in laser epilation. The appropriate dose is adjusted according to the individual. Your skin color, whether you go out in the sun or not, the color and thickness of the hair should be taken into account for the appropriate dose. Therefore, it is a procedure that must be done under the supervision of a doctor.

What are the Advantages of Alexandrite Laser?

Aleksandrite Laser is the most comfortable and fast device used in epilation with the current technology. The procedure takes a very short time, and even large areas such as the entire leg are completed in about 15 minutes. It is used with devices that blow cold air with Alexandrite laser, so it is more comfortable. Aleksandrite does not touch the skin with the laser, it shoots from a distance, it is a very healthy application.
Another advantage of the Alexandrite Laser is that it vaporizes the hairs during the procedure. In other words, after the laser session, the area will be like waxed and the area will remain clean until the next session. This makes people who have laser done happy.

What are the Prices of Whole Body Alexandrite Laser?

It is necessary to determine what areas are meant as whole body laser epilation. The areas that are generally determined as whole body epilation are the whole leg, under the arm and the whole genital area. Of course, the fields you want vary from person to person. If you have hair in other areas, it is added to these areas. We recommend that you do not epilate in areas where the hairs are very thin and that do not bother you for full body epilation. Laser epilation should only be applied to areas with thick hairs that bother you. Whole body laser hair removal price should be determined according to the areas to be made.