Skin stretch marks (striae) are more common in women, but are seen in both men and women. It can occur during pregnancy in women, while lifting weights in men, or during puberty development. As the body develops, the skin expands, but this is not the only reason. In addition to this stretching, skin cracks occur with changes in our hormones and genetic predisposition. Unfortunately; The cracks formed are the deterioration of the fibers under the skin and do not improve again, they become permanent and create a cosmetically disturbing appearance. It is unfortunately not possible to completely destroy it, it can be reduced with treatments such as fractional laser.

Gold Needle Treatment

It is the delivery of radiofrequency energy that can reach from the top of the skin to the bottom layer of the skin. With radiofrequency energy, collagen production under the skin is accelerated and the skin is renewed. Renewal of the skin reduces stretch marks, brings its color closer to the skin color and makes it appear less.
If the Golden Needle treatment is applied in the early stages of skin crack formation, the result will be much better. There is no change in the number or size of the crack in the treatment. The improvement occurs in the visibility of the crack, that is, the prominence of the treated crack decreases and it becomes closer to the normal skin and more compatible. The best results occur when different treatments are used together. The number of sessions of which treatment will vary according to the response of the person to the treatment. An average of 50% reduction can be achieved in 5-6 sessions.

Laser Stretch Mark Treatment Prices

It varies according to the width of the cracks, the location  and the area to be built. Pricing varies according to the number of sessions of stretch marks treatment.