Where is the Q Switch laser used?

Q Switch laser can be used safely in all spots such as age spots, birthmarks, sunspots and melasma. It is combined with other spot treatments.

How Does the Q-Switch Nd Yag Laser Work?

The Q-Switch fires in nanoseconds, that is, in very short times. This shot causes it to shrink in color cells called melanocytes. Melonocytes are cells that produce the color substance melanin. The reason for the formation of the stain is the hard work of these cells called melanocytes. Since the Q-Switch Nd Yag Laser is black, it is absorbed by melanin, and the melanin and melanocyte in which the melanin is inside are heated. With this warming, the breakdown of melanin causes the melanocyte to shrink. Thus, both the stain is opened and the recurrence of the stain is reduced.

What Should Be Done After Q-Switch Nd Yag Laser?

Spot treatment with Q-Switch Nd Yag Laser is an easy and comfortable procedure. There is little to no pain. Afterwards, there will be some redness and it will go away on its own within 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, there is nothing you need to do except protect from the sun. But you must use sunscreen. If you do not protect yourself from the sun in all spot treatments, your spots may darken again.

Advantages of Q Switch laser?

The Q swicth laser is used both in the treatment of spots and in the treatment of yellowing hair. Thus, two good results are obtained in the same session. Another advantage of the Q Switch laser is that it does not harm the skin, and the application is very easy. You can get the procedure done and return to work immediately.

The Best Treatment for Skin Blemishes

The best treatment for removing skin spots is combined treatments. Thulium laser, mesotherapy and drug treatment lighten the color of the spots. The Q-switch laser reduces recoloring. Gold needle, youth vaccine improves the quality of the skin, increases resistance to the sun. Most importantly, you must always use sunscreen.

How much does Q Switch laser treatment cost?

Q-Switch laser prices are determined according to the width of the area to be treated. For example, if the whole face is to be made, there will be a fee of approximately 1500 TL. Before starting the treatment, our doctor will tell you how many sessions you will need. Thus, you can start the treatment by knowing the total cost of the treatment before starting the treatment.