What is Mesotherapy Spot Treatment?

Mesotherapy is the injection of spot lightening drugs, mixtures containing vitamins and minerals under the skin with very fine needles. Especially in deep spots, it is more effective to do spot mesotherapy to support laser treatments.

How many sessions of stain mesotherapy should be done?

We recommend at least 3 sessions of stain mesotherapy with two-week intervals. More sessions can be done depending on the depth of the stain and the needs of your skin. The mesotherapy drugs used are determined by the needs of the skin. Our dermatologist, Fatma Yıldız, examines your spots with dermatoxop before the procedure, and as a result, the most suitable treatment plan is created for you.

When does stain mesotherapy show its effect?

Stain mesotherapy is not a stand-alone treatment. When it is done alone, the effect of stain removal is limited. Mesotherapy is done to strengthen other stain treatments. In other words, we hurt the spots with the thulium laser, we support it with methotherapy for better results in very deep, very difficult spots. It is difficult to see the results of mesotherapy alone, but when it is done together with the thulium laser, you will notice a clearing in the spots and shine on the skin from the first session.