Thulium laser; It is an FDA-approved laser system that can be used safely on all stains in the treatment of stains. The advantage of having spot treatment with Thulium laser is that while it opens the spots, it also increases the collagen production in the skin, making the skin look better.

How Does Thulium Laser Work?

Thulium laser opens very tiny channels in the skin. The channels opened with energy at a wavelength of 1927 nm are at the micron level. While these channels heal from the bottom up, the skin renews itself. With the healing, the upper layer of the skin is thrown away as tiny crusts, thus the stain is opened. The reason why spot treatment with Thulium laser is frequently preferred is that it targets cells called melanocytes, which directly cause spot formation without damaging the upper layer of the skin. Since it does not harm the upper layers of the skin, you can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure.

Reviews of Thulium Laser Users

When we look at the comments of people who have had Thulium laser, we see that the skin quality is better, the skin is more vibrant, brighter, as well as the opening of the spots. Because Thulium Laser opens very thin channels in the skin. These channels allow the skin to renew itself while healing. In other words, it renews and rejuvenates the skin while lightening the spots. It is also called Baby Face Laser because it rejuvenates the skin. In short, Thulium Laser reduces wrinkles and pores, as well as lightens blemishes. It improves the quality of the skin. You will have a more vibrant and brighter skin. Thulium Laser can energize the area where the melanocytes stain on the skin. Thus, it eliminates tonal differences in your skin and makes you look younger.

Usage Areas of Thulium Laser;

  • melasma treatment
  • Treatment of sunspots
  • Treatment of age spots
  • Making skin tone even
  • Reduction of freckles
  • Reduction of pores
  • anti aging applications

How is Thulium Laser Applied?

Thulium Laser treatment is very easy to apply. It feels very little. There will be redness after the session, it will go away on its own in a few days. After the treatment, you can continue your daily life. After the Thulium laser session, drugs are applied to renew your skin. Through the channels opened by the laser, the drugs penetrate to the lower layers of the skin. It is very important for the drugs to go deep and reach the problem area. Thus, we can see the desired effect at the maximum level. Spot treatment with Thulium laser is a serious medical procedure. Before all laser treatments, an examination should be made by a specialist doctor, and the laser system and appropriate dose should be determined for you.

How Many Sessions of Thulium Laser Are Applied?

When you have spot treatment with Thulium laser, you will see the lightening and shining of your skin in the first session. One session is enough for people who do not have many complaints. But people with deep spots may need more than one session. In this case, the sessions are repeated at intervals of 2 weeks. Some spots are deeply located. Over the years, sun exposure deepens the spots. Deep stains require multiple sessions. In many of our patients, we also support laser treatments for spots with additional procedures such as drugs and mesotherapy. Thus, we can ensure that the results are much better.

Why Baby Face Thulium Laser?

A healthy skin is the most important part of both beauty and healthy appearance. If your skin is spotless, bright, lively and moist, it makes you look healthy and young. Thulium Laser does exactly this: it improves skin quality and makes your skin look younger.

How Much Does Thulium Laser Cost?

Since Thulium Laser is a new technology, the devices are expensive. This is reflected in Thulium laser prices. However, considering the results, Thulium Laser prices will be relatively better, as successful results are obtained in fewer sessions. Thulium Laser prices are calculated both as a group session and as a single session. You can contact us to learn about Thulium Laser prices and Thulium Laser campaigns.